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It is the mission of the Church of 8 Wheels to spread the joy of skating throughout the land.  However for those who have not discovered the magic skating can bring into their lives, it must have seemed like something they could never experience - UNTIL NOW! 

The Church of 8 Wheels is now conducting lessons for traditional roller skates and for  inline skates every Saturday morning from  1PM to 2PM.

During this 60 minute course, you will become familiar with the different kinds of skates, wheels, bearings, pads and related equipment. You will learn proper skating form, balance, stopping, turning and how to hold your own on a hill. We will also take you through the slalom course to teach you to gain confidence and learn to manuever. Our instructor staff are all certified skate instructors with the Skate IA are are committed in helping to spread rolligion through teaching. 

Skating lessons on Saturdays at the Church of 8 Wheels MUST BE PREARRANGED.  To register for a skate lesson CLICK HERE to send an e-mail.  Tell us when is good for you and your skate size.  Private lessons are available at the Church as well, but this is coordinated by the individual instructors and also must be pre-arranged.    



$20.00 PER PERSON                    $10.00 PER PERSON
you supply skates and pads              you supply skates and pads

$30.00 PER PERSON                    $20.00 PER PERSON
we supply skates and pads               we supply skates and pads


Private lessons can be arranged by contacting any of the certified instructors listed above.  The fees may vary, depending on your needs and the specialty of the particular instructor, but these are the general fees.

$50.00 PER PERSON                                                                                              
you supply skates and pads.

$60.00 PER PERSON                             
we supply skates and pads

To arrange a skate lesson, you should take a look at the Certified Skate Instructors listed above and click on their bios to get an idea of which instructor will be right for you, or you can
CLICK HERE  or call 415-752-1967 anytime.



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