Phantom Rollers

San Jose's Saturday Night Road Skate

Skate to Great America Fireworks Skyconcerts and Nights of Fire

The Phantom Rollers meet at Super K-Mart on Story Rd. every Saturday night at 8:00 pm and leave at 8:30 pm SHARP. The skate will end around 11:00 to 11:30 pm. The skate is a 12.5 mile route through:

The route is very easy, and is totally flat, so beginners are welcome.

Meet at 8:00 PM Super K Mart

Meet in Super K-Mart parking lot on Story Rd. and Roberts Ave. (Taco Bell is across the street from the lot.)

Leave 8:30 PM (sharp)

  • LIGHTS (SJPD would like us to have a red blinkers on us all)
  • and naturally your SKATES


    If you can't follow these guidlines please stay home. No one wants to see anyone hurt by a car or by there own stupity. The streets are not the place to prove yourself. We skate just for the pure enjoyment of the skate. You don't have to be an expert skater to do this skate, but you must be able to STOP. SAFETY GEAR AND LIGHTS ARE VERY IMPORTANT!!! EVERYONE, NO MATTER HOW GOOD OF A SKATER ONE MIGHT BE SHOULD WEAR A HELMET,HAND&WRIST,AND KNEE AND ELBOW PROTECTION WHILE ON THIS SKATE.

    Before we leave, be sure to lock your car and remove all of your valuables. Lets be safe and have a good skate.

    Map of Route (125 Kbytes)


    Great America Fireworks Sky Concerts and Nights of Fire

    New Start Time For Skate To Great Amreica Fireworks Skyconcerts and Nights of Fire only. LEAVE 7:30pm SHARP.

    Great America Fireworks Sky Concerts

    Great America is putting on a Fireworks Skyconcert on Sunday May 24,98 and Saturday July 4,98. Come Join us for a 11 mile skate to Great America for a fireworks show. We will leave Super K-Mart parking lot at 7:30pm SHARP. The skyconcert will start between 9:00pm and 9:30pm.
    Great America Nights of Fire
    Great America is also putting on Nights of Fire on July 25,98 / August 1 and 8,98. More fireworks,pyrotechnics,and lasers done to a musical soundtrack. Come join us for a 11 mile skate, we will leave Super K-Mart at 7:30pm SHARP. The Nights of Fire will start between 9:00pm and 9:30pm.


    For more information:
    [EMAIL] Send E-mail (Mon-Fri, 5AM - 1PM) to Norm Janson at Or call (408) 226-3837, after 10AM please.
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