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Membership has its' privileges.  It's also what makes the wheels turn to produce the events, parades and other great activities that has made the San Francisco Bay Area one of the most active skate venues in the nation for inline and roller skating. 

The mission of the California Outdoor Rollerskating Association is to strongly raise awareness of the positive aspects skating can bring into the lives of youth and adults and to give people a fun, healthy skating experience people can enjoy.  Over the years, we have been consistent in our efforts by promoting hundreds of skating events, races, competitions, parades, parties and much more to make the San Francisco Bay Area a great skating city.

We have also been consistent in our efforts to create “recreational asphalt” with our successful efforts that repaved Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park, the Healthy Saturdays Campaign that closes part of Kennedy Drive on Saturdays and now Sunday Streets San Francisco

C.O.R.A. has long been a proponent of the concept of "recreational asphalt". For 44 years skaters people have been coming to Kennedy Drive in San Francisco's Golden Gate Park on Sundays when there are no cars.  The closed roads become a safe recreational paradise for runners, walkers, skaters, cyclists and others who are looking to escape the pressures of the fast paced city lifestyle and enjoy themselves in a lush, green sylvan environment. Join us on on nine (9) dates in 2010, as the California Outdoor Rollersports Association will join with other groups and organizations in San Francisco as we take that  concept out of the park and into the streets of San Francisco.

The California Outdoor Rollersports Association has been going through a metamorphosis. We are now a non profit corporation registered with the State of California and the Internal Revenue Service.  We are now ready to move forward and carrying out a plan to reinvigorate skating in the San Francisco area and California.

David Miles Jr. has officially stepped down as C.O.R.A. President.  The Board of Directors elected a new President, Chris Duderstadt. He has long been a strong advocate for skating and will be a great President. Lainie Monsef was elected as Vice President. Both will serve the skating community very well. I have not quit the organization. D. Miles will continue to serve as Executive Director of the organization. The direction of the nonprofit will be determined by the President and the Board of Directors. As Executive Director, Miles will carry out the tasks set forth by the Board.

C.O.R.A. is basically starting over with a new effort to develop new skaters. In order to do this, we need support from those of you that would like to be a partner with us as we move forward. We are putting together a new C.O.R.A. membership package. We will be able to serve you discounted prices on skates, wheels, bearings and other skate equipment. It is your membership in this organization and your support for this effort that will help bring more people both young and old into our community of skaters.


We are doing a massive PR campaign for C.O.R.A. through the Sunday Streets Program.

 The C.O.R.A. SkateFit Program,

and  "Healthy Saturdays".

We have what it takes to make something happen for skating in a big way. We are going to reinvigorate skating. Don't be a poser. Don't wait for someone to do it for you. They won't. Get involved and truly show some support for this effort.

JOIN C.O.R.A. NOW !!!!!!!  We need you to officially join this group and participate in bringing our skate scene to the forefront. We are building from the grass roots. We need members who would become coaches, race officials, trainers, and others to make these plans a reality. We are now ready to get you involved. The membership fee is $35.00 per year. .

As an official C.O.R.A. member you will receive:

  1. You will be allowed to race at a discount rate. Your C.O.R.A. membership will more than pay for itself in savings. Members can save up to 20% on entry fees when participating in C.O.R.A. events.
  2. Discounts on products and services.
  3. Your name will be on the members' e-mail and/or snail mail list. We will keep you up to date on races, events, parties and other skate related information
  4. 1st dibs on promotional opportunities that pay skaters like advertising promotions.
  5. Official C.O.R.A. membership card that will give you discounts at the Redwood Roller Rink and local skate shops..

New Membership Application


FULL NAME___________________________________________________________



HOME PHONE______________________WORK PHONE___________________ __

E-MAIL ADDRESS________________________________________

TEAM NAME_____________________________________________

DATE OF BIRTH _____________________

SEX:       M_____ F_______


  • IN-LINE 4 wheel___ 5 wheel___  CONVENTIONAL_______

I AM INTERESTED IN: (check all that apply)

  • _____ VOLUNTEERING                    _____ NEWSLETTER
  • _____ SPRINT RACES                       _____ 5 KILOMETER RACES
  • _____ 10 KILOMETER RACES         _____ 50 KILOMETER RACES
  • _____ POINT TO POINT RACES      _____ HIGH JUMP
  • _____ LONG JUMP                            _____ DOWNHILL SLALOM
  • _____ FREESTYLE DANCE               _____ ROLLER HOCKEY
  • _____ RAMP JUMPING                     _____ VERTICAL (RAMP RIDING)
  • _____ NIGHT SKATES                      _____ TEACHING
  • _____ ADMINISTRATION                 _____ EXPLORING (SCOUTS)
  • _____ SKATE PATROL                      _____ OFFICIATING
  • _____ COACHING                              _____ HAVING FUN

If you want to join, print and fill out the above information. Send it with a $35 check payable to C.O.R.A. 830 26th Ave. San Francisco, CA 94121-3616.  If you have any questions, please contact e-mail at or call  415-752-1967 anytime.

                                                           You are the Hit Counter skater to roll through